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Sigal Olaya center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


An Endodontist, is a dentist who specializes in endodontic (root canal) therapy. Endodontics is a highly specialized type of dental care developed to save teeth. We, at Sigal Dental Clinics, are dedicated to providing you the highest quality of endodontic care. The latest proven clinical techniques are used with

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Orthodontic is the specialty of dentistry that involves the treatment of malocclusion (correction of dental crowding and mal-alignment). Malocclusion is when the upper and lower teeth or jay do not meet correctly. Individuals may need to be treated by an orthodontist if they have problem with

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Oral and maxillofacial surgeons treat defects, diseases, and injuries of the jaw, mouth, skull, and even face. These surgeons have dentistry training, as well as surgical specialty. They have an ability to treat both the hard and soft tissues of these areas, and can pertain to both functional aspects as well as

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Periodontics is one of the specialties that manage the areas that support the tooth structure – treating any of the diseases and conditions that impact these regions. Periodontal diseases have different manifestations, but some common forms are gingivitis, which untreated can deteriorate the tooth and

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